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 Today I decided to go and write in English! I hope that's ok with yall. I thought it'd be nice as some of my readers are from The States, Canada and other countries. Let's see how this works! Pls don't get too obsessed with my spelling mistakes ;)
 Today I invited one of my good friends to come over and do some outfit shooting and gossiping. It was so nice to take pictures again after such a long time, even tho outside temperature was like negative billion degrees. My jacket is doing its job pretty well and keeping me warm. It was a treasure that I found from a thrift shop. I thought I would top my "grandma" look with my mother's super old lipstick that I found from her dresser. Every year as soon as winter starts, burgundy becomes my absolute favorite color. So I love that lipstick! And my high collar knitted dress from H&M.

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17. tammikuuta 2016 klo 0.08 , Blogger Unknown kirjoitti...

good job! new glasses? great pics:) We miss you!
Have no idea what my choices are below so winging it LOL

17. tammikuuta 2016 klo 1.18 , Blogger Siiri kirjoitti...

Haha thanks! ;)


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