Can’t you see it's we who bout’ that life


 Cherries, friends and late summer nights. My summer has officially started. I finally realized that only I can make the change. I have to get over this culture shock and jet lag and stop being selfish. It's not only me who have to get used to new life in Finland, I also have to start being part of my friends' lives again. Those friends who so patiently waited me to come home and were ready to be my friends again after 10 months. They kept going with their lives when I was gone and ofc now it's hard for me to get in and pretend that nothing happened, I was never gone. I went to the gym to clear my thoughts and came home with a whole new attitude. After that I have actually had fun and I've been able to relax without checking my twitter and snap chat all the time.
 In that life before my exchange year I was never home spending time with my parents. I was always gone with my friends. Those months changed my thinking and I understood how important our parents are. Now I'm happy to say that my mom is my best friend. We understand each other better and we do stuff together.

So this summer is going to be a hell of a summer!! I promise you that. Ilona and I booked our flight tickets to Helsinki and I can't wait to live out our crazy spontaneous summer ideas.

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